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Vision Package

Vision Package


Primary Logo: This is the main and most commonly used version of a company or brand's logo. It's the core representation and typically includes the full brand name or a prominent symbol associated with the brand.


Secondary Logo: A secondary logo is a modified or simplified version of the primary logo. It's designed to be used in situations where the primary logo might not fit due to space constraints or where a more condensed or simplified version is needed while retaining the essence of the brand.


Brandmark: A brandmark is a symbol or icon that represents the brand without using any text. It's a standalone graphic element that helps in instant brand recognition. It's often used in situations where the brand name might already be well-known, or where a more visual representation is effective.


.PNG and .EPS Files: These are file formats used to store the logo or graphic elements.

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics): This format is commonly used for web-based designs and allows for transparent backgrounds.
  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): This format is versatile and used for scalable vector graphics. It's especially valuable for print materials and allows for high-quality scaling without loss of resolution.
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