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Social Media & Brand Audit

Social Media & Brand Audit

  • Recorded Audit: Conduct a thorough examination of the brand's social media profiles, content, engagement metrics, audience demographics, and overall performance.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Providing a detailed analysis and assessment of the brand's social media strategy, content quality, audience engagement, and consistency across different platforms.
  • Brand Components Review: Evaluating various brand elements such as logo usage, visual consistency, messaging coherence, and alignment with the brand's identity across social media platforms.
  • Recorded Presentation: Delivering a recorded presentation or report outlining findings, recommendations, and actionable insights based on the audit, offering strategic directions for improvement and optimization.


This expedited service aims to deliver a comprehensive audit of the brand's social media presence and associated components within a one-week timeframe, providing valuable insights and guidance for enhancing the brand's performance and alignment across social channels.

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