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A media kit, also known as a press kit or press package, is a collection of promotional materials that provides essential information about a business, brand, or individual to members of the media or potential partners. It serves as a comprehensive resource for journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals who may be interested in featuring or collaborating with the entity.

Typically, a media kit includes key details such as background information, mission statement, executive bios, high-resolution images, logos, product/service descriptions, past press releases, notable achievements, and contact information. The purpose of a media kit is to present a concise and compelling overview of the entity, its offerings, and its story to generate interest and facilitate accurate reporting.

Media kits are commonly used for press releases, media pitches, sponsorship opportunities, collaborations, and to establish a professional image. By providing relevant and organized information, a media kit enables media professionals and potential partners to quickly access the essential details needed to understand and promote the entity effectively.

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