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Headshot Photography
  • Headshot Photography


    Perfect for professional individuals needing a professional headshot for LinkedIn, resumes, social media, or other professional profiles.

    All Packages include:

    editing and basic retouching

    online gallery for full-quality download

    Location Selection:

    Indoor options - studio (requires an extra fee), client's business location, or client's home

    Travel fee included

    Discovery Meeting:

    A thorough initial meeting dedicated to discussing various aspects crucial to the photoshoot: Purpose for the Shoot: Understanding the client's goals and objectives for the photography session.

    Poses, Outfits, Makeup, Props: Planning and discussing the various elements that will contribute to the overall look and feel of the photos.

    Goals and Products/Services: Aligning the photoshoot with the client's branding, products, or services to ensure cohesive visual representation.

    Brand Overview: Understanding the client's brand identity, values, and aesthetics to reflect them in the imagery.

    • Duration

      Basic - 30mins

      Intermediate - 1hr

      Advanced - 1.5hrs

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