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1:1 Web Consulting

1:1 Web Consulting


This service involves conducting a live, in-depth review of an existing website, and providing comprehensive notes and recommendations for future optimization or changes. The process typically includes:


  • Live Review: A one-hour session dedicated to meticulously examining the current website in real time.
  • Thorough Evaluation: Comprehensive analysis covering various aspects such as design, user experience, functionality, content quality, SEO factors, and overall performance.
  • Detailed Notes: Generating detailed and actionable notes during the review, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and potential optimization strategies.
  • Recommendations: Provide insightful recommendations and suggestions for enhancements or changes aimed at improving the website's effectiveness and performance.
  • Optimization Insights: Offering insights into future optimization strategies, potential updates, or changes that could positively impact the website's performance or user experience.


This service aims to provide a detailed assessment of the existing website, empowering clients with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to enhance their online presence and optimize their website for better performance.

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